As an event planner, I think of my role in 3 stages:  visualize, operationalize, and execute.

Clients come to me with specialties in a variety of areas (e.g., yoga instructor, artist, writing coach) and an idea of the experience they want to offer. We then work together to refine that idea (visualize), work out the details and logistics (operationalize), and bring it to life (execute)!

Event Design

From intensive instructional courses to relaxing retreats, I will help you visualize an engaging experience for your attendees that will leave a lasting impression. This includes the little touches that help attendees feel both welcome and immersed in the event.


Once we've determined the goals of the retreat and outlined the agenda, I dive into the details. The operationalize phase includes subcontracting services as needed, securing supplies, and locking in the budget and timings of tasks.

Event Execution

Whether I'm part of the pre-event planning or not, talk to me about event execution. By working behind the scenes during the event, you can focus on interacting with your participants.

To get an idea of what your retreat program might look like, click here.