These past events show some of the work I've done.

Rocky's Retreats

Emotional Hunger

Location: Miramar, Costa Rica

Alexis Matta Santos, certified health coach, helps participants better understand their personal relationships with food.  This fun and introspective workshop teaches participants how to decode their body's signals and come to appreciate themselves (and food) like never before!

Rocky's Retreats

Academic Specialty Workshop

Locations: Various (e.g., London, Reykjavik, Ottawa)

Annual, international, 3-day workshop including keynote, panel discussion, research presentations, cultural outing, and conference dinner.

Nuernberg Christmas Market Rocky's Retreats

The Great Christmas Market Tour!

This multi-day train trip visited the European Christmas markets of:  Nuremberg, Passau, Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest. Another round of glühwein anyone?

The Self-Sufficient Woman

Location:  Washington D.C.

This fun, educational, hands-on weekend teaches women skills that they are traditionally less exposed to. The weekend focuses on home repair skills but there are also fun sessions on bike mechanics, urban farming, and financial management. And we learn to pick locks over happy hour!