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I want to plan a retreat or event

* Where do you plan retreats?

Anywhere! We should start by talking about your ideal location and go from there. We can look at logistics and costs and formulate a plan to make your event a reality.

* Do you plan events besides retreats?

Yes, I have experience with academic conferences, workshops, datafests, and training events.

* What if I want to plan a private event just for my group?

Does your writing group want to get away? How about focusing on wellness for your annual corporate retreat? I can customize private events for clubs, organizations, or friends/family groups. Let's talk!

* What if my event is only one day?

That's fine! The length of time should fit the amount of content and programming.

* Can you help me with my instruction/content?

I have experience conducting trainings and teaching in the classroom. During the design process, we can talk about where exercises and activities might be appropriate and what that could look like. However, the content expert should provide the educational substance.

* Can retreats be in different languages?

To accommodate an international audience, the language of the retreat should be English. If instructors teach in another language, the advertising should clearly communicate this.


I want to attend a retreat

* What language is spoken at the retreats?

Unless noted, the language of the retreat is English no matter the location of the retreat.

* What happens during a retreat?

While the content, activities, and overall length of the retreats may vary, this generic schedule will give you an idea of what to expect.

* How big are the retreats?

If there is one instructor, the retreat is probably about 20 people. So, popular retreats may fill quickly!

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