Meet Rocky

If event planning is a genetic trait, I might have the DNA for it.  Even as a child, I enjoyed planning and organizing. I once threw an elaborate Halloween party that I started planning in August!

In adulthood, I've used every opportunity to plan events on my winding career path. As a woman in STEM and a university professor, I've organized numerous international workshops and department retreats. I've also done a lot of project management and program design. However, it was my time managing a professional degree program that sparked an enthusiasm for designing exciting curriculums and finding inspiring instructors to deliver it. A great retreat works the same!

Certified Retreat Planner

Graduation day after completing the Retreat Lab course series and intensive onsite training.

Zip line in Costa Rica
Rocky Sinibaldi

My many experiences provide a broad foundation for me to confidently create fun, transformational retreats for you! While I do work with clients, you may notice some retreats listed as "Signature Events". These are completely unique retreat experiences built from an educational topic that I want to share with others. "Signature Events" include such gems as The Self-Sufficient Woman and Animals & Art.

If you want to know more about me personally, check out the May 2018 newsletter "The Rocky Story". It's an entertaining read accented with fun photos, including a chubby baby picture!

Are you an instructor who is thinking about working with me but you need some inspiration? Visit Upcoming and Past events or just get in touch!